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Hardwood flooring


Our production line of solid, unfinished, tongue & groove flooring planks is designed to utilize a selection of the most valuable European hardwood. The combined quality, beauty, and durability of our hardwood make them an excellent value in wood floorings. These flooring planks are specially designed for glue down or nail down installation over almost any solid surface including concrete.

Furthermore this product is a valuable and SOLID alternative for engineered floorings or veneer faced laminate flooring planks.

Precision milling and pre-sanding of our flooring planks eliminates the otherwise required use of a commercial drum sander and greatly simplifies the installation and finishing process.

Dimensions available:

- Thickness: 19mm.

- Widths: 150mm.

- Lengths: 1250mm and up.


- Selected, no knots, cracks, splits or other defects allowed.

- Natural, natural wood colors allowed,no knots, cracks, splits or other defects.

- Rustic, knots, small cracks, all natural colors allowed.